Keep Your Teen Safe On The Road

Mixed emotions flood through parents’ heads when their teens get their driver’s license. It’s exciting they’ll get to drive themselves to school and activities. But at the same time, it’s scary to think they’ll be out on their own! Safety is Cardinale GMC’s top priority and that’s why we wanted to recommend the following reminders before sending teens out on the roads of Seaside California.

Distractions Are For The Birds

Things can happen when you least expect them, and in a split second. Always remind your teen to keep their eyes on the road so they have enough time to react to a driving situation. A text or phone call is far less important than a life.

Buckle Up

It’s the law in California so remind your teen to get in the habit of wearing a seat belt as soon as they sit down. Studies have shown that buckling up is extremely effective in protecting occupants so make sure they ask their passengers to do the same.

Road Conditions & Weather

Teen drivers don’t have the experience with construction zones or various weather conditions. Try accompanying them when bad weather is expected and point out safety tips when possible. Having an experienced driver with them will help them gain confidence.

Speed Only Complicates Things

Teens look at driving as their first big taste of freedom. They might feel like they should speed to “show off” and act extra cool for their friends. Reaction time won’t be the same as yours so remind them to always follow the speed limit. Also, if they’re not comfortable on the highway yet, help them with alternate routes.

Safety Basics To Keep Handy

No matter who is driving, make sure the vehicle has a first aid kit, flashlight, basic tools, fix-a-flat and a gallon of water in case of an emergency.

Choosing The Right Vehicle At Cardinale GMC

If you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, check out what Cardinale GMC has to offer at We have a lot to choose from at our Seaside auto mall and our Sales Team is here to help you pick the safest option for your new driver.

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