Doubling Down On Diesel With GM

Come back in time with Cardinale GMC. Rewind to 2015 when VW was the sales leader for mainstream-diesel powered vehicles in the US. The biggest competitor was, you guessed it, GM. They started with the second-generation Cruze and GM declared their goal was becoming the market leader for passenger diesel. You’d think diesel would be on its way out of the U.S. when VW got into some trouble. But our Cardinale Automotive Group is happy to announce the future of diesel is still fresh on our minds.

Bye Bye VW, Hello GM!

GM hasn’t forgotten about the diesel technology. They’ve actually recently launched the Chevy Colorado, Cruze and GMC Canyon with diesel. They also announced earlier this year that they’ll be adding a new 1.6-liter “whisper diesel” to two of their most popular crossover vehicles: the Chevy Equinox and our very own GMC Terrain.

Get Your Own At Cardinale GMC

While we might not have a dealership full of diesel vehicles here in Seaside California, we do have a wide range of new and used options to choose from. You can search our website from the comfort of your home before scheduling a time to meet with someone on our team. Online you’ll be able to refine your search to look for specific engine types, color, year, make and model. That’s right, we have a whole array of options at Cardinale GMC. We’re confident you’ll fall in love with something, whether it’s diesel or gas powered. Make us your go-to dealership for all of your vehicle needs.

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